The Preacher’s Daughter Gets Rowdy On November 14th – UFC 193

Rousey was reported to be both surprised and amused when receiving the phone call regarding her match against Holly Holm.

She describes it as a fight agreed to that was not given much thought, and is reported to not have been too excited about the prospect due to the two of them being friends.

This feeling appears to be mutual as Holly Holm point-blank refuses to bad mouth Ronda Rousey, no trash talk at all.

Is this due to friendship, respect or fear? Most likely a blend of all three! This fight should definitely pose to be a clean bout and not a brawl.

The fight is now to staged in Australia on November 14th at Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium. UFC president Dana White announced the switch Friday night on SportsCenter, saying the promotion believes Rousey-Holm will set the all-time attendance record for an MMA event.



The fight is a reschedule of the previously announced January 2nd match at the MCM Grand……….



Holly Holm comes from a fantastic boxing career, holding a fight record of 33-2-3. Joe Rogan recently pointed out problems regarding her grappling game, but as a boxer Holm is pretty solid.

She has been known to take a knock from time to time, playing victim to a violent knockout in December 2011 to Anne Sophie Mathis. Holly is however undefeated in the MMA, riding a nine win streak.

She is a fantastic fighter with a powerful stand-up game. This bantamweight, known as “The Preacher’s Daughter”, has taken a lot of flack from the media as this fight grows near.

She has however held strong and appears to be keeping spirits high. Holm recently told TMZ that she holds nothing but respect for Rousey and takes every fight as a chance to prove herself.

Undefeated in UFC, Holm will definitely be able to stand her ground regardless of any form of side-line commentary. Rousey holds respect for Holm as a fighter and feels she has a difficult bout ahead.

Ronda Rousey is a highly accomplished martial artist, who in this fight is holding odds in her favour by a margin of -1450 (14.5-to-11) to Holm’s +900 underdog line, this reported as the most common average.

Rousey is a gold medalist who has both an accomplished stand-up fighting technique and a brutal ground game, grappling with power and technical ability. Facing a boxer such as Holly Holm, Rousey is definitely going to have to shorten the range and take this fight to the mat!

“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey is a Santa Monica born fighter with a MMA fight record of 12 – 0 – 0, three of which have been by knockout! Joe Rogan holds Rousey in high regard, openly stating that in his opinion she outclasses Holm in all regards. He stated this fight to be unwise, declaring Rousey would find a better match in Amanda Nunes.

Both Holm and Rousey have been battered by celebrities, commentators and the general public, each seem to be receiving equal flak.

Most recently Rousey was insulted by undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather, and the exchange of insults has been escalating rapidly.

Mayweather began the battle by declaring publicly that he feels Rousey will never be the athlete that he is, and that she will never earn the money he does.

Ronda replied to an insult, reported as Mayweather telling her “You make $300 million a night, then you can give me a call”. Which in her calculations, she does!

Fighting sport is competitive, but I highly doubt her paycheck will win the fight against Holly Holm! It does however reflect her superior experience as a fighter, however far or shortly estimated, she earns well.

It will most definitely be a tough fight for Holms! Whereas Mayweather dislikes Rousey, Joe Rogan equally directs his insults towards Holly. Both fighters have passionate fans and haters!

As time draws near this fight is becoming more and more heated, mostly as a result of fans and trolls. This trivial clash takes place at UFC 195 in the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, on 2 January 2016. Rousey wrapped up her last four opponents in but 130 seconds in total! This shuddering prospective fight conclusion leaves those betting on Holm a tidy profit should she emerge victorious. It would also seal her place as a revered and respected professional fighter in mixed martial arts community.

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  1. Congratulations to Liz Carmouche for being the first openly gay fithegr to compete in the UFC I don’t get it. Since when being a homo was an impediment to fight in the UFC? Is she breaking paradigms with that? This is the kind of positive discrimination that is as silly as the negative one. She likes women, so what?! What difference does it make?I can understand Dana White, that attention whore, using the most moronic arguments and actions to hype an event, but are we really buying this crap?

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